Cobra9 Orthotics

PhysioSport is proud to be partnered with Cobra9 and offer them for sale in our clinic.

The Cobra9TM SemiPro is a semi rigid orthotic device designed specifically for cycling use. The varied contours and lengths available make it the obvious choice for the cyclist who wants a custom fitted cycling orthotic solution. They are made from dual density EVA foam wrapped around a contoured glass fibre core. The Cobra9TM SemiPro is light weight and space friendly yet durable enough to satisfy the most demanding cycling pursuits.

Biomechanical support

Cobra9TM SemiPro provides palpable mechanical force to the sole of the foot through the pedal stroke. The force is applied through the contoured shell profile with emphasis under the metatarsal shafts to load the foot most where it is needed in the cycling stroke. The shaping of the glass fibre inner core allows load under the metatarsal heads functioning as an inbuilt metatarsal dome to assist in alleviating forefoot pressure and hot spots.

Glass Fibre Inner Core

The heart of the SemiPro is a glass fibre inner core that provides the structural backbone of the device. The inner core is light (10grams) yet stiff enough to deliver appropriate load for biomechanical force and neuro-motor facilitation. The shape of the inner core has been meticulously designed with the pedal stroke in mind. The pressure applied to the plantar surface of the foot works in conjunction with the shape of your cycling shoe to alter foot posture. The tapered heel cup avoids bulking out your cycling shoe whilst still delivering an element of medial calcaneal contouring. Whilst the glass fibre inner core is stiffer then the foam/plastic orthotic options available, there is still adequate flex to ensure comfort.

Dual Density Topcover

The Cobra9TM SemiPro is wrapped in 2 layers of EVA foam. The upper layer is a low density foam suitable for cushioning but with excellent resilience. The bottom layer which wraps around the fibre inner core is high density hard wearing EVA designed to provide longevity and helps bed the Cobra9TM SemiPro into your shoe. Keeping the EVA bulk to a minimum helps keep the overall weight of the Cobra9TM SemiPro to a minimum – 30% less than most standard cycling devices. All Cobra9 SemiPro devices are double glued bi-directionally to ensure long lasting bonding.

SemiPro customisation

The Cobra9TM SemiPro has been designed for further customisation by your physiotherapist. The glass fibre inner core is able to be heat moulded further to suit altered profiling. The hard wearing bottom layer of EVA has been selected to be able to withstand the heating of the inner core.

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